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Please let me make it clear that I am NOT a breeder.
I keep rats as pets, and help people take care of them properly. Thank you.

Welcome to! Rats truly make wonderful pets! If you are looking for a fun, small pet, please don't rule out a rat. They are loyal, friendly and playful, and love human attention. Most pocket pets could care less about the attention you give them (ferrets excluded), but rats absolutely thrive on it! Rats can also be trained! They can learn their names and some commands, with some patience. Many rat lovers compare them to very small dogs, in terms of intelligence and love, including world-famous animal guy, Jack Hanna, who says, "Rats are the closest thing you will find to a dog in a small animal." Rats are extremely social animals, so they do best if you keep them in same-sex pairs or more (I currently have four males). I can't stress enough that rats need the companionship of other rats, as well as their human friends. They are happier, healthier, and even more social toward humans if they have other rats to interact with.

I've done the hamster thing, and I find rats to be much more satifying caged pets. They are much smarter, far cleaner (virtually no smell, unless you're not keeping up with the cage!) and a whole lot quieter. They actually acknowledge your existence, and beg for your attention, unlike a hamster, who'd generally rather ignore you and get on with its life.

For more information, keep scrolling! Here, you can learn a little about domestic rats (which are VERY different from the wild variety), and see how amazing they truly are! Make sure to check out the many features of this site, including the rat care info page. Hopefully, through this site and my links, I can help reinvent the rat's reputation.

HAVE A QUESTION? If you have a question about your rats or rats in general, please come to the Rat Fan Club Forum (linked below), sign up, and ask your questions there. We have over 2000 members and MANY combined years of experience, and would be happy to help you in any way we can. We do ask that if you are under fourteen years of age, you be sure your parents know you are visiting our forum. NOTE to potential trolls - our forum is HEAVILY moderated to keep the environment safe for all ages. Ill-intentioned posts and posters are dealt with swiftly and forcefully, so don't waste your time or ours. Thank you.

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Common questions about rats, and the answers.

Cage Calculator
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Name Database
Having trouble naming your rat?

Suebee's Rat Diet
A homemade diet for rats

Rat Care Guidelines
Basic information about pet rat care for the beginner.

RMCA Drug Chart
An invaluable resource for dosing medications.

Cedar and Pine Toxicity
The dangers of soft wood beddings like cedar and pine.

Helpful Info from the Rat Fan Club
Invaluable information about rats.

The Ferret Store
Not just for Ferrets!

Martin's Cages
A favorite cage manufacturer in the rat community!

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