Sometimes it's not so easy to name a rat. You want a name that sounds good, and maybe has meaning. Or perhaps you are looking for a group of names that go well together, like from a book, TV show or a particular culture (past themes for me included Red Dwarf, Redwal, and Hogan's Heroes).

The first two links below contain lists of names that I like, I have used (marked with a *), or someone I know has used (whether submitted or gleaned from forums, The Rat Report or the Rat & Mouse Gazette).

Keep in mind that the "gender" assigned to each name in the list is just a suggestion. "Male" names can work for females, and vice versa. Be creative!

Other Name Sites
These links will take you to some other name sites that are out there. I tried to collect interesting sites; ones that go above and beyond the "baby name" sites, and offer more intriguing and different names, including cultural and ethnic names. "Normal" baby name sites follow the more interesting list.

Rat Name List - By Hawthorn Small Pet Resources
World Wide Pet Names
Catala's Magikal Names
DADA's Little Baby Namer
Indian Names
Nigerian Names
Irish and Gaelic Names
Hawaiian Pet Names
Alfabette Zoope - Unusual names.
Hong Kong Monikers - Actual names used by folks in Hong Kong.

What's in a Name? - search by meaning to find names or by name to find its meaning.
Behind the Name - Etymoligies for many names. Names

The following is a list of resources I used to contribute to the list, not including submissions from others.

The Rat Report, published by The Rat Fan Club.
The Rat & Mouse Gazette, published by The Rat & Mouse Club of America.
Various rat forums, including those at: Rodent Fancy and Rat Palace.
Redwall series of novels by Brian Jacques.
The Complete Shakespeare.
Star Trek Encyclopedia.
Star Wars Encyclopedia.
The Tower series of novels by Anne McCaffrey.

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