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Nicodemus & Ratbert
Martin, Matthias and Gus

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Below are pictures of all my rats that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for me from 1998 - 2001... The image sizes on some are a little weird, as they are images I have had floating around for some time.

Nicodemus and Ratbert were my first rats ever. Nicky was a beige hoodie, and Ratbert was a rex beige self -- he always looked like he was having a bad hair day. I got them from a friend of a friend who had two accidental litters (due to pet shop stupidity). They started it all...

Martin and Matthias were named for Redwall characters. Martin died quite young, at just 4 months old. He had respiratory problems from the start, and had not yet found a good vet. I then brought Gus home to keep Matty company, and while they mostly got along, they were never truly best buds. Matthias passed on at just 15 months old, from melanoma. Since Gus had issues getting along with other rats, he spent the rest of his life alone. I never really knew how old he was, but I think he made it to two years. Unfortunately, he spent the last six months of his life with serious respiratory troubles. All three of these boys came from a pet store, and because of their health issues, I vowed never to get a rat from a pet shop again.

Nicodemus and Ratbert

Nicodemus and Ratbert

Nicodemus and Ratbert

Martin the Warrior

Matthias the Warrior



Matthias and Me, Halloween 1998

Matthias and Gus

Matthias and Gus



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