There are not a whole lot of books out there about rats as pets (as compared to other domestic animals), but there are a few out there that are recommended (as inventory and reference).

Rats: Complete Care Guide
by Debbie Ducommun. Bowtie Press, 2002
ISBN # 1889540714
Retail Price: $9.95
Notes: By far the most complete and the most informative book available on rats as pets. Every rat owner should have a copy, without question! This is the second edition.

Rat Health Care
by Debbie Ducommun, 1995-2003 (updated annually)
Retail Price: $5.00
Notes: This book demystifies rat health care. It is useful for both pet owners and vets alike! Another must-have for the library, so you know what you can treat at home and when a vet visit is necessary. If it saves one vet visit, it has more than paid for itself. Available only through the Rat Fan Club, Rat-Alog, and; or contact Debbie Ducommun at 530.899.0605 or e-mail her at

BarronÕs Fancy Rats - A Complete Pet OwnerÕs Manual
by Gisela Bulla. April 1999
ISBN # 0764109405
Retail Price: $6.95
Notes: This is the only book on the list that I do not own (but I plan to get it). BarronÕs is a pretty respected name.

Rats: A Complete Pet OwnerÕs Manual (3 stars)
by Carol A. Himsel, DVM. 1991
ISBN# 0812045351
Retail Price: $6.95
Notes: A useful resource. Not a bad addition to the library.

There are literally hundreds of great Web sites out there devoted to rats, far too many to list here, but these five are an excellent starting point, and are by far the best the Net has to offer.
You've already found us. ;)

Rat Fan Club
Home page of the club. Useful information, and a vet referral list. Founder Debbie Ducommun is one of the most knowledgable lay-experts on pet rats.

Rat & Mouse Club of America
Home page of the club. Useful information, vet referrals, supplies, gifts and the largest list of links anywhere.

Rat Palace
Becoming an excellent resource for rat information, and has the best discussion forum of all.

Clubs are a great way to meet other rat owners and get advice from experienced people. These clubs are based in the United States (the second also has an international following), and are highly recommended.

Rat Fan Club
Publisher of The Rat Report (12 issues per year)
857 Lindo Lane, Chico, CA 95973
$25 per year, includes RFC membership and TRR subscription

Rat & Mouse Club of America
There are also local chapters of the RMCA; check with the RMCA for more information.

American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association
Publisher of Rat & Mouse Tales
9230 64th Street, Riverside, CA 92509-5924
$25 per year, includes AFRMA membership & RMT subscription

Forums are a great way to meet other rat enthusiasts on the Web. You can ask questions related to rat care, tell stories about your rats and talk to other people who have the same interests. I am active in both forums listed below, which are very friendly places to visit, and are safe for all ages.

Rats Rule Forum
An open forum I created in 2000 to help fill the gap left behind by Squeak's demise. We also have a family-oriented chat room. You must register to participate; registering does not automatically enroll you in the RFC.

Rat Palace Forum
Another wonderful forum for rat folks. You must register to participate; membership is free.


¥ Ducommun, Debbie. Rats! A Fun and Health Care Book. Irvine, CA: Bowtie Press, 1998.
¥ Ducommun, Debbie. Rat Health Care, Fifth Edition. Chico, CA: The Rat Fan Club, 1995 - 1999.
¥ Ducommun, Debbie. The Rat Report. Chico, CA: Rat Fan Club, 1992- 2003 (monthly newsletter).
¥ Horn, Angela and Antonia Swierzy. Why Rats Need Company. London: Blackstaff Rats, 1997.
¥ Isaaksen, Mary Ann, ed. Rat & Mouse Gazette. Fitchburg, MA: Rat & Mouse Club of America, 1999 (bi-monthly publication, no longer in circulation).

Suebee is a devoted rat person who would like to see every rat owner and pet store receive the information they need to properly care for pet rats, giving them the best possible lives. She has had pet rats since April 1996, and learns more about their care every single day. Suebee is not a veterinarian or an expert by any means, but has consulted with veterinarians and experts in preparation for this brochure. Some of the organizations she actively participates in include:

• Webmaster of
¥ Adminstrator of the Rat Fan Club Forum
¥ Active member of the Rat Palace Forum

To everyone on the former Squeak! Forum - Thanks so much to all of the wonderful folks from all over the world for inspiring me to put this together, and thanks for your input! Together we can help all pet rats lead healthier, happier lives! There are far too many folks to mention, but consider yourselves all thanked! The site is gone, but the spirit is not!

To Debbie Ducommun, a.k.a. The Rat Lady - I don't know what I would do without your advice. Thanks for being there, and thanks for putting together such a wonderful club!

To Dr. Carolyn Orr, DVM, of the Animal Clinic of East Ave. in Brockport, NY. Thank you for your insight, advice and knowledge, as well as your loving care of my little guys.

To jn (and Jake & Elwood) - Thanks for getting me interested in rats in the first place!

To Gordon, Elwyn, Walter and Albert - The new boys! May you live a long and happy life while in my care.

To Nicky, Bert, Martin, Matthias, Gus, Lister, Rimmer and Duane - Rest in peace little ones. I love you always.

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